"Tumbleweed" Denver, Colorado. 2004.

Not only am I enacting a “tactic of disappearance”, but also a standing out of sorts. The times when I function out of context are an equally important element of the piece.  Like a mimetic insect becomes vulnerable when away from home, I become a “red flag” vulnerable to a variety of assumptions and re-contextualizations when wandering away from my zone. 

 These pieces enact the psychology of belonging to place(s) and the way one feels the further one ventures from that (or those) place(s). This could be literally a physical space like a rural landscape or city street; or also racial or class space, family or personal space, even intellectual or spiritual space; likely they intertwine… It’s, in part, about the relationship of being different or lost; and fitting in to the world (or a world); and how identity is largely understood in terms of ones environment.