These works react to the old surrealist game Exquisite Corpse.

While this group of artists were creating images that blindly responded to the content of the other artists involved, and thus revealing a collective consciousness of the group of artists, I am responding blindly to images of popular culture, revealing a quasi “collective consciousness" between me and this culture.


These works are part of a process as lengthy and systematized as the lost wax casting method .  I first start by cutting recognizable images from magazine sources. Then I assign a random number system to each image. When I have an abundance of images (enough to forget some of them) I place each image on a blank sheet of paper, and draw lines on the paper where lines on the cut image would, or could, extend.  Then I remove the Cut images and assign a number to the papers that correspond to the number assigned to cut images. At this point I transfer, by rubbing, the extension marks to another sheet of paper in a larger sketchbook. When I have all of my extended lines transferred into a sketchbook I begin making drawings that respond to the preexisting line network. When I am finished with the drawings I relocate the corresponding cut image to its number assigned drawing…Each image is titled after the number involved in the lengthy process.